(Bonk io )


Use the arrow keys to move.

Bonk io is an attractive multiplayer online game. Here, you only need to control your ball to keep it balanced, in the same space, let your opponents be defeated and broken after your scheming, and you still live on this balance pole, to win the game.

Bono’s game content

In Bonk io, your task is not to let yourself fall off the balance bar or be crushed by the system.  The play is pure, with up to eight people fighting in the game. So you can bounce to touch your opponent so that he doesn’t stay on the balance bar. Use the direction keys to move in the course. The right mouse button can bounce to attack your enemy. The accurate and precise operation can push the opponent down, so proficiency is fundamental.

Boncio’s game features

Bonk io can design his name and fight against your style name during the game. Secondly, you can also choose to change the skin of the ball or even carry out personality design. Some of the skin is too aggressive. Because this is a physical game, only by adapting many times, can one be a better king. And this is a multiplayer game. Although it has the nature of pits, it is also interesting to play well.

Do you want to play a multiplayer game of strategy and operation?  If you want, then choose to come to Bonk io.  What you need to do here is to squeeze everyone else on the same platform and make yourself the last one to win the game.  But at the same time, we should not only watch out for the opponent’s attack but also make systematic moves.

Red ball 4 is a jumping game that emphasizes control. Only when the red ball under precise control can jump on the correct and safe platform can it be closer to success.  Tio is an exciting game. Here you can use its three forms to enter the gate. They have various functions. Specific use can help you get twice the result with half the effort. If you use the default deer bullet hunting, the ideal shooting distance should be 20~30m. If you use single bullet hunting, the ideal shooting distance is about 50~70m.

The first is to sort the court. Facing the people coming and going, you need to think carefully about their opinions and try to make the best decision to make your country more prosperous.  Or choose Cubis2, a game that eliminates Cubis2 and pays attention to orientation and thinking. Only in this way can you finish the specified score and win the game within the given time.